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5 Reasons to Choose Nursery for your Child

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Parents sometimes feel guilty about returning to work and leaving their children in nurseries, although studies have highlighted many benefits. In a good nursery, staff will be trained to a high level in caring for children and providing a safe and stimulating environment. It has also been shown that the more time a child spends in a nursery, the quicker they develop in diverse ways. Day nurseries follow the early years foundation stage [EYFS] which lays out learning guidelines for babies and children up to five years. Experts in child development believe that children who attend nursery from an early age progress socially, mentally and physically, which will hopefully put most parents minds at rest.

Professor of educational psychology at Oxford University Kathy Sylva, says that children who experience high quality nursery provision, are able to form better relationships when they go on to primary school. Also a study by the University of London, discovered that three or more years spent at nursery can result in children being more than a year ahead academically.

It is generally accepted that:

1. Nursery will prepare a child for school

Children who attend nursery are better equipped to embark on school life, as they are more used to mixing with other children, and engaging in a daily routine. They can settle in to a new environment easier and are accustomed to learning and thinking independently.

2. It encourages play

Along with many practical skills, your child will develop their role playing abilities whether indoor or outdoor. This encourages social interaction, use of imagination and self confidence, as well as the benefits of exercise.

3. Nursery provision enables children to develop social skills

A happy, rounded personality is the outcome when your child socialises with other children and adults. Children are usually delighted to demonstrate what they did, and talk about their day while away from the home.

4. Helps with potty training

Potty training is a lot less hassle when your child goes to nursery, and gets used to the process.

5. Nursery benefits parents

Apart from the practical necessities of using a nursery such as Channings Childcare, parents can relax in the knowledge that their child is receiving the care and attention they need. Nursery workers are some of the most dedicated people around, and take great pleasure in chatting about your child’s day.


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