Cranial Osteopathy for Babies and Children

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 The trauma of birth can sometimes leave babies with bruising and a slightly uneven head, which usually adjusts naturally after a few days through normal facial movements. The process is occasionally not completed however, which can cause the baby to feel discomfort in the head and body. If it is not diagnosed, this can lead to problems in the future, which is where Cranial Osteopathy comes in.

This is a gentle form of manipulative treatment, that helps to alleviate stress within the body, using a hands on technique. Childbirth can disrupt the small movements, or ‘involuntary motions’ within the body, as tissues expand and contract. Cranial Osteopathy is a safe, non invasive way to provide a re-balance for the systems of the body, enabling them to work efficiently.

As the bones of babies and young children are still pliable, and parts of the body such as the gastrointestinal system have not yet matured, a skilled osteopath can work to ensure that these systems develop properly. The method is useful for children as well as babies, who show the effects of retained moulding throughout their development. This can present as a depletion of the body’s reserves and immune system, leading to possible vulnerability regarding infections.

This type of cranial asymmetry can have a host of negative consequences, due to the limiting of subtle bone movements within the face, interfering with ear canal and sinus drainage. These complications can result in glue ear, impaired hearing, ear infections and continual breathing through the mouth. Behavioural problems or learning difficulties may even begin to develop if these issues are left untreated.

Symptoms to look out for include:-

Persistent crying
Colic or wind
Sticky eyes or squints
Difficulty settling and sleeping
Unable to latch on or bottle feed easily
Bringing up feeds
Dislike of lying on their back
Dislike of wearing hats
Frequent colds and coughs
Lack of concentration
Compulsive fidgeting
Reluctance to potty train or bed wetting

Of course most of these symptoms on their own are not particularly concerning, but when several are noticed at once, it would be wise to check with your doctor or Osteopathy Clinic.

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