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Day Nursery Offering Child Care for Babies, Toddlers & Pre-School Children in Werneth, Oldham

While choosing day care for your child, you may be wondering about the advantages for your child of attending a nursery, and will want to make the right decision for you. There are many social and developmental benefits for your child, even when quite a small amount of time is regularly spent in a day care nursery. Positive impacts of these centres on young children include:-

Developed Social Skills – An early start at a nursery, is always a good idea and allows your baby, toddler or pre-school child to learn about forming relationships with other children. Socialising and interacting are essential skills, and can help make the transformation from home to school a comfortable and happy one. Studies have shown that children who attend day care even just once or twice per week have enhanced social skills and are better prepared for mixing once at school. They will also realise things like how their actions can affect others, encouraging sensitivity to emerge.

Improves Core Skills – A reputable nursery is a highly stimulating environment, offering a structured timetable of fun and educational pursuits. Whatever the age of your pre-school child, there will be a set of activities tailored specifically to that age group. Flexibility is provided by qualified staff, experienced in giving your child the ability for optimal learning. The Early Years Foundation Stage, is implemented in nurseries, and is a framework introduced by the government to ensure that certain learning and development standards are met. It has been proved that a child’s earliest years are significant and influence later development. Core skills are improved when children engage in a variety of tasks such as painting, reading, singing, listening and drawing.

School Preparation – By introducing your child into the nursery environment you will be giving them a head start, and making sure that the concept of school is not a shock. By the time school life approaches, they will be used to a basic routine. It is exciting to see your child making friends and having new and fun experiences. Not only that but you will get a few hours to relax, meet friends or run errands, you may even be entitled to some help with nursery fees.

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