Promoting Positive Behaviour in Young Children

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Encouraging positive behaviour is an extremely important aspect of a child’s development, and
something which should start at an early age. Children learn by observing the behaviour of adults, and emulating it, so it is vital to set a good example for them at all times. Children love adult attention, and will endeavour to attain that by either good or even bad behaviour. The crucial part is the way in which that good or bad behaviour is dealt with, as this will make a lasting impression on each child.

Children can contribute to compiling a list of rules for all to abide by, which is an opportunity to learn or reinforce acceptable ways to act. Children should feel safe and happy as well as included and respected by others, they are also reassured by the setting of clear boundaries. Explaining expectations in a way that they can understand and that is appropriate for their age, will help them to make reasonable decisions. A well organised routine will also ease any feelings of insecurity and stress a child may be experiencing, which is more likely to promote confidence, and result in positive behaviour. Organisation also means the child is occupied with a meaningful activity, and making them responsible for certain tasks, will ensure a sense of trust, ownership and involvement.

When children feel valued and are encouraged to display a thoughtful and caring personality, they will benefit from the affirming reactions of others in nursery, class, home and the wider community. Sharing, and thinking about the feelings of others is a major factor in childhood behaviour, which should be encouraged and rewarded. Positive reinforcement can be achieved in a number of ways such as a good behaviour sticker chart, although praise and a smile will sometimes suffice. Careful supervision of play and tasks is recommended, so that any negative behaviour can be nipped in the bud and dealt with patiently and appropriately for the age of the child. Be aware that some children will internalise their negative feelings by sulking or withdrawing, so this quiet behaviour shouldn’t be ignored.
On the whole children enjoy getting noticed and praised for being nice or helping somebody, and these actions should be acknowledged and seized upon.

These are all strategies involved in producing happy, healthy individuals, and something that is built into the training of professional nursery staff. Our web promotion partners Channings Nurseries, have three nurseries in Oldham and Rochdale, including one in Newhey, where staff are highly qualified in all aspects of child care. Each child is allocated a keyworker, who will support that child and keep parents updated frequently. Channings Nurseries are dedicated to providing a safe, caring and happy environment for babies, toddlers and pre-school children.
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